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Korean Love Story Korean Love Story

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute ^_^

At first I thought the song had to do with with the animation. But now I see you self made the love story after seeing some text and read the plot :P.
The music kinda for my opinion, fits with the animation.

The animation style from South Korea. I kinda liked it, but the legs looks like stick legs, after seeing the catboy running. The animation is smooth.
The graphics are very simple and childish, but so good and so cute.

I also kinda liked the story. In the beginning I thought the catgirl was very arrogant, because of the way she reacted to him, with that face. In the plot you write that she is a nice girl, but I don't see that really in that flash. I only see that she is walking away from him like he is kind of freak.
Later on, you make that up. I really love that scene when he is running to her with a text that he loves her. She is looking shy and is blushing.

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Kenzu responds:

I wanted to show that not everything is as it might seem at the first sight. This is especially true for love, which is very fragile and even if both people love each other, they find themselves in times of hardship and may sometimes even experience a rejection.

The message is not to be shy and go wherever your heart leads you. One has to go after it even at the risc of being rejected!

Chinese New Year 2008 Chinese New Year 2008

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

*waves arms*

Glad there is a English translation, or otherwise I wouldn't understand what she is singing.

I liked the graphics, it's very good. Loved the face expressions. You did a very good job to make this a happy and colorful flash, exactly what it should be if it is a New Year.

Animation is very smooth and the lip sync, it did go well with the song.
I especially liked that blinkin eye from the people. It really seems that the things that are happing in the flash, really means much to them. But that's what I am thinking.

What noticed me are the arms from the girl. She really like to move with her arms, especially when she is walking and when she is congratulate.
That's what I noticed, it is pretty funny.
But with the flower scene, it seems the lady who gives the flower to the girl, she's is not moving with her arms. It's just like she is using telekinese to give it to the girl.

The music is very happy and catchy. The text especially fits with the animation.

Overall, this flash is really good. It's a nice flash to watch anytime.

Kenzu responds:

Your review warms my heart!

Bahamut: ATIO80W 02 Bahamut: ATIO80W 02

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My, you are right

You are surely right. There is no reason to flag the Hitler flashes, because they do not violate the rules.
You made right points why this should not be flagged.
You can be a good teacher, to teach about the portal.

Murray responds:

If I was a teacher, I would do almost nothing since I am too lazy (Bahamut: ATWI80D 01 is enough proof that I am lazy :P).

Waka Laka Dodge Waka Laka Dodge

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice game

The game itself is pretty hard, I only get to Wave 2. The black thing is to big, the harder to dodge. I think it should be smaller.
The main screen is boring, you should put something that it makes less boring. I like the mouse-icons.
The background when you finally play the game, it is very happy and it sure fits with the music. But only see the Rainbow colors in the very beginning and see them the whole time, my eyes will go twirling. I love the song you used.
A few suggestions:
In each new wave, a different background. Decision is yours.
Add a difficultie like: Easy mode, Normal Mode, Hard mode.
Easy mode, black thing is small, Normal Mode, the black thing is bigger, hard mode, black thing is very much bigger, to give a example. Difficulties would be nice.
Nice job. Look forward your updates, if you make any.

Jimtopia responds:

Oh, I will, but thx for a very helpful review, I like the modes idea. =D

Hinata the Candy Girl Hinata the Candy Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hmm, candy.

Hihi. A side we don't know about Hinata, bimbo, boys and:
candy. It is pretty hilarious to see Hinata singing like that, while in the series she's shy and always stay in the background.
You drawed her very well and especially the face expressions from the characters, Hinata looks like a different person, Neji shy as he as, Kiba the Baka and Shino very confused. You did a great job with the face expressions.
Only, in the begin from this music video, she doesn't have a nose and while the 3 boys are dancing with her, they don't have a nose either. Only after she's singing "I'm you candygirl", they have a nose. I like the song you used and it fitted with the animation.

Tosti Trieout Tosti Trieout

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Don't steal my tosti

Hehe, a funny story about a tosti.
This sure has some humor, the voices are funny, but the quality can be better. The animation is very smooth and the fight is good.
You draw very well. The music fitted with the situations.
I think it would be better if you use some color in your flash.
The end has some color, but the rest should be with color too.

Migel responds:

Ur absolutely right about the color.
And thnx for the compliment ;p

Jinkudan tournament (pt1) Jinkudan tournament (pt1)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good fights

The fights are really good. It is very smooth and fast, but the fights are done fast. The fights should be longer.
A storyline would be a nice adding to this sprite flash.
Quality of the flash is nice and the music fitted with the fight.
Well, a 7 for humor just for fight 2. The round was fast, but it is very funny, defeating someone with a perverted jutsu.
Nice job with this sprite animation.

Hellsing Dress-up v1.0 Hellsing Dress-up v1.0

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

He looks meanie ^_^

A good dress-up game. The music is great, I don't know if it is from Hellsing itself, but it's cool. If it isn't, it would be nice to add music from Hellsing, since this is a character from Hellsing.

The doll, he looks pretty good and especially the drawings. You did a good job to make it from the original.
Just like I was saying, he looks mean ^_^. I kinda like that. Nice hairstyle, but you can add some more hairstyles. Not only just color =). The clothes are cool.

What I like are the tattoos. You did a great job with the tattoos. You draw them great, except for the fire one, it is just like he is wearing gloves instead it is a tattoo.

Good job on making a male dress-up. I hope to see more from this dress-up game.

TehKar - Oral Sex Sim Ep2 TehKar - Oral Sex Sim Ep2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game

Your games are original. I've really enjoned this game.
The graphics are even better than the first one. You added a background and the man's color are each per level different, so that was a nice adding. I also liked the control bar per level, different and it makes the game harder too.
You used the same song as version one. Don't worry, I still like this song and it fitted with the game as well. Maybe you can add some more sound like example, the sound how the man enjoned it. More songs can be a good idea too, a option where you can choose which song you want to listen.
To add a idea, maybe you can add a difficulty,
Easy, the control bar is always the same in al levels, pleasure bar, the red mark will a little bit higher each lvl , a lot of time.
Normal, control bar will be different each level, a little bit harder, red mark will each level go higher and harder , average time.
and Hard. control bar will be different each level and harder then normal, pleasure bar will be per level harder, harder then normal, not much time. This was just a example =).
And about the filescreen, why is it not just like the other version. It makes the game somewhat harder.
But this is a great game you made. I hope to see more from you. Great job.

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M is Bad! M is Bad!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Poor Luigi

It was hard to find the playbutton, but the sounds are a nice adding to the title screen. The play, scenes and the button I don't know what it is, but those buttons has to be more striking, so that people can find them easier.
You did a good job with the sprites. The inside from Peach's Castle, it is great to see how you mixed that with sprite characters.
Also, the sprites and the backgrounds are from high quality and you did a great thing to mix it.
Alot of different music and sounds, they fitted perfectly with each scene.
This flash contains much humor, the macho club (I never want to see Wario like that anymore :|, but still funny), the chasing, that scene little scene where you hear the Baby Mario/Baby Luigi race course theme. But this still has it's softs side's , Luigi's trauma, how Mario is sad when he killed Luigi.
Great sprite animation and when is the sequel coming, as I read in your response for a review. I still don't get it with Evil Mario. Will Evil Mario come when Mario's drunk. Well, I'm curious.